NikNaks, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, modified.

The project consortium consists of 17 teams, which represent 14 EU countries.

The consortium includes teams of highly competent and experienced scholars from distinct academic institutions joining forces specifically for the purpose of this project. The consortium is composed to accomplish its strategic objective, which is the delivery of a diagnostic tool for policy makers, educators, media experts and media critical bodies and institutions for assessing the agency of the news media in supporting the quality of deliberative communication and social cohesion.

Due to the long-standing experience in media and communication studies, the consortium members can integrate previous research and carry out the diachronic analysis of the configurations of risks and opportunities (ROs) in national media. In terms of expertise, the consortium is multidisciplinary as it includes academics, researchers and professionals, media and communication experts, IT experts and professional managers.

Along with universities and other academia, acknowledged think-tanks and NGOs have been engaged.

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