Mediadelcom’s first year of activities recapped

The first calendar year of the Mediadelcom project under the EU programme H2020 has almost come to its end. The for finding risks and opportunities for European media landscapes was kicked off in March 2021. During the first 10 month of its run, the project teams carried out a number of preparatory tasks. The project’s intended path over all three years can be found in website section Departure Point.

Four domains have been theoretically developed, upon which further research will be based. The domains have been popularly discussed in Podcast episodes 3, 6, 8, 10. The domain theory and variables were tested in pilot studies reported at the consortium meeting in Tallinn, Estonia (listen to Podcast episode 7). The research teams started to write the first reports– country case studies – which were initially drafted by early November 2021. The country case studies are scheduled to be completed in early 2022.

At the same time, the second set of reports will be accomplished – the comparative case studies. The methodology of these comparative studies is to be developed. Furthermore, a comparison of the 14 participating EU countries will be made using the fuzzy set approach (cf. Podcast episode 9). The deliberations by divers consortium members regards to the project’s advancement you can listen to in the Podcast episode 11.

Preparations for the first book under the working title European roads: Different risks and possibilities will start in 2022. Also, the literature database based on country studies will be built up.

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