D-2.2. Bibliography Database

Bibliographical data of media and journalism research related to risks and opportunities for deliberative communication in 14 countries (in 2000-2020)

The main goal of the data gathering was to make it possible to describe and assess news media monitoring capability in each participating country. The theoretical-methodological framework of four domains where potential ROs appear (journalism, media related competences, media usage patterns and legal and ethical regulation) guided the selection of the publications. The matrices of relevant variables for each domain were worked out, which directed the selection process. Involving experts from 14 different countries, not only internationally available data and research, but also the studies in national languages are included.

Here you can view and download the Deliverable 2.2 and find links (and DOI numbers) to the database as whole and by a particular country. The Deliverable also includes DOI numbers for the reports released under Deliverable 2.1.

Deliverable 2.2.

The file can be downloaded.

Single country datasets

Click the country’s name.

The dataset includes a consolidated file of 14 country data sets (with 5623 entries) in msw.xlsx format. The Excel table is searchable by 20 variables: full reference, year of publication, national/international publication, language, country the publication deals with, time of empirical data gathering, type of publication, open access/not OA, where referenced, focus on journalism domain, focus on media related competences domain, focus on media usage patterns domain, focus on legal and ethical regulations domain, type of the approach, original key words, main topic, comments, country.

The Deliverable also contains 14 single country datasets, all of which have received DOI numbers and are stored in DataDOI open access repository of the University of Tartu.

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