#48. Mediadelcom country teams’ reflections upon the project before Grand Finish. Part 3

MEDIAdelcom H2020
MEDIAdelcom H2020
#48. Mediadelcom country teams' reflections upon the project before Grand Finish. Part 3
11 Dec 2023

Mediadelcom podcast continues with the retrospect series, in which the participating teams look back on the three years of the project – and its distinctive character. This is the third part of the series. The consortium members value the most the cooperation between the teams and have plans for future joint activities. Also, the empirical operationalization of deliberative communication was created, helping to impel the discussions about deliberative democracy.

This episode presents the perspectives by the next five teams. Croatia – Zrinjka Peruško & Filip Trbojević (starting at 2:54); Italy – Sergio Splendore & Javier Amores (9:08); Greece – Anna Kandyla (16:24); Bulgaria – Lilia Raycheva, Mariyan Tomov, Lora Nikolova, Neli Velinova and Nadezhda Miteva (19:33) and Media Diversity Institute Global – Milica Pesic (29:37). Seasonal greetings (34:42).

Intro jingle by Zen Man from Pixabay
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