#5. Prof. Emer. Kaarle Nordenstreng – 80. Part 2

MEDIAdelcom H2020
MEDIAdelcom H2020
#5. Prof. Emer. Kaarle Nordenstreng - 80. Part 2
18 Jun 2021

On 9 June, Prof. Emer. Kaarle Nordenstreng (FIN) celebrated his 80th birthday. He is the distinguished member of the Mediadelcom’s advisory board. On the occasion of his birthday, Mediadelcom releases podcast episodes, in which two professors emeriti have a conversation on topics that portrait the jubilarian. The conversation is hosted by Epp Lauk (EST). In the current part, Kaarle Nordenstreng is speaking about 60 books he has written and those he is writing right now.

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