Michał Głowacki

Associate professor
Dr. hab.

He researches media and democracy, public service media and creative cultures. He has been involved in several large European research projects and conducted studies funded by the Polish American Fulbright Commission, the National Science Center of Poland and the Polish National Agency of Academic Exchange. He is the Editor-in-Chief of “Central European Journal of Communication”.


Łukasz Szurmiński

Assistant professor

He has been specialized in communication theory, propaganda and crisis communications. He has a background in political science and comparative studies on media-political relations in Russia, the USA, and the United Kingdom. Most recently, he has conducted visual analysis (eye tracking, face tracking) and propaganda studies on Poland’s public service media.


Jacek Mikucki

Assistant professor

He has studied audiovisual culture, urban communications and new forms of media, including startups and SMEs in Germany and Poland. Through his PhD dissertation, he contributed to the theory of high technologies and media infrastructure in a smart city. He has a background in qualitative studies – data collection and coding of findings from semi-structured interviews.


Katarzyna Gajlewicz-Korab

Assistant professor
Dr hab.

She researches and teaches media societal and technological transformations, emphasising the European media policies and strategies. She has participated in several international research projects, including Lemel – an international research project dedicated to empirical validation of the online news media. Her research interests are media cultures, creative media and data-driven transformation outcomes.


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