Deliverable 2.1. Approaching deliberative communication: Studies on monitoring capability and on critical junctures of media development in 14 EU countries

The project is examining media related risks and opportunities (MROs) for deliberative developments. This report consists of two case studies per country (28 case studies). The introductory chapter (cover text) includes brief overview of theory and methodology of both case studies. On this website, the deliverable report has been cut into smaller topical pieces while to the European Commission was submitted in one large PDF. Both the huge file and the cut sections have reference options for future academic usage. Works can be downloaded.

Deliverable 2.2. Bibliographical data of media and journalism research related to risks and opportunities for deliberative communication in 14 countries (in 2000-2020)

The main goal of the data gathering was to make it possible to describe and assess news media monitoring capability in each participating country. The theoretical-methodological framework of four domains where potential ROs appear (journalism, media related competences, media usage patterns and legal and ethical regulation) guided the selection of the publications. The matrices of relevant variables for each domain were worked out, which directed the selection process. Involving experts from 14 different countries, not only internationally available data and research, but also the studies in national languages are included.

Deliverable 5.1. E-book about news media related risks for deliberative communication in 14 consortium member country languages

The aim of this deliverable is to report in a popular mode about news media related risks for deliberative communication in 14 country languages, based on Mediadelcom so-far research. As to the task 5.6, teaching and self-learning materials shall be prepared for schools, including this e-book being prepared, tested and launched.

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