First country case studies are expected to be uploaded here before the end of 2022.
Hereby, you can currently look at the introductory chapter of the first public deliverable, covering both case studies included in the delivery. For publication here, the Introduction and both case studies (CS) will be presented as separate files. Moreover, the CS-s will be cut into 28 country reports for easier handling (forthcoming). Red potential links are not working yet.

Deliverable 2.1. Approaching deliberative communication: Studies on monitoring capability and on critical junctures of media development in 14 EU countriesGutentor Advanced Text

The project is examining media related risks and opportunities (MROs) for deliberative developments. This report consists of two case studies per country (28 case studies). The introductory chapter includes brief overview of theory and methodology of both case studies. On this website, the deliverable report has been cut into smaller topical pieces while to the European Commission was submitted in one large PDF. Both the huge file and the cut sections have reference options for future academic usage.