D-2.1. Introduction

Deliverable 2.1. aims to provide comparative analysis of media-related risks and opportunities in 14 European countries concerning deliberative communication. covering 14 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Sweden. The project is not aimed at telling whether and to what extent the countries meet requirements for deliberation but at examining media related risks and opportunities (MROs) for deliberation. In the deliverable, there are two case studies per country (28 case studies). It is the first step of empirical analysis, preceding the comparative analysis and scenario-building.

This introductory chapter includes brief overview of theory and methodology for both case studies. Full theoretical model will be presented in the Mediadelcom forthcoming books. All other parts of are displayed separately, i.e., not in this FDF.

The file can be downloaded.

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