Curriculum Vitae

Juli√°na Min√°rikov√°


Dr. Juli√°na Min√°rikov√° as a media theorist and researcher deals with issues related to electronic media. She is also interested in differences between media systems, focusing on Slovak media system and its specific conditions and legislation frameworks.

Juli√°na Min√°rikov√° has been a university lecturer in the field of media studies since 2003 and she is a member of Department of Mass Media Communication.

She works as a Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication UCM in Trnava. She is co-author of one monograph and co-author of two university textbooks. She has published over thirty scholarly articles and eight of them are indexed in Web of Science or Scopus.

Juli√°na Min√°rikov√° is a member of editorial board of scientific journal Communication Today and is also member of the scientific and programme committee of the international scientific conference Megatrends and Media.

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