Curriculum Vitae

Jana RadoŇ°insk√°


Assoc. prof. Jana RadoŇ°insk√° is a scientific researcher who studies critical analysis of media culture. The researcher is interested in mainstream filmmaking, the terminological axis of media and communication studies, problems of the culture and entertainment industry, as well as in the perspectives of understanding and researching media audiences and digital games.

She has published five scientific monographs, four of them on basis of co-authorships. The thematic focus of all five publications leads to a critical reflection on the ideological, value-related and economic aspects of so-called media culture. She is the author of 22 publications indexed in the Web of Science database and has 61 citations recognised by WoS (h-index 5). In addition to publishing in Slovakia, she has also published the results of her research activities in Czechia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, France, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom.

She has developed the field of media and communication studies and realised knowledge transfer through foreign mobilities and lecturing stays in Czechia and Croatia.

Since 2018, Jana RadoŇ°insk√° has been a deputy Editor-in-Chief of the renowned scientific journal Communication Today, which is indexed in Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus.

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