Curriculum Vitae

Ľudmila Čábyová


Assoc. prof. Ľudmila Čábyová graduated from Faculty of Massmedia Communication UCM In Trnava, in 2002, works at the Department of Marketing Communication, where she deals with the topic of media marketing and media monitoring.

She is the author and co-author of 4 monographs, 3 textbooks, more than 60 scientific articles, scientific papers and studies. She records more than 500 citations for her works, in the WOS and SCOPUS databases she has 23 outputs and 41 citations.

She is a member of the Scientific Board of FMK UCM, the Scientific Board, UCM, the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Management, SUA in Nitra and the Faculty of Humanities, ŽU.

For the publication Marketing and Marketing Communication in the Media, she received the Literary Fund Award – the most cited publication. She is a member of several editorial boards of magazines – e.g. Communication Today (WOS, Scopus), EJMAP (Scopus), IJMIL (Scopus) and a member of several international organizations – e.g. Polish Communication Association, International Association for media and education, Digital marketing institute, a Czech marketing company.

She is one of the founders and organizers of the international conference Marketing Identity (original opinion New trends in marketing), which the faculty has been organizing since 2002. The conference is a prestigious international event, the outputs of which are registered in WOS. She currently works as the dean of the faculty.

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