Curriculum Vitae

Magdaléna Švecová


Dr. Magdaléna Švecová has been working at FMK UCM for three years, where she completed all three degrees of university studies. Currently, she is the head of digital games department, as she manages all of the department´s activities.

As part of her scientific work, she deals with several topics, such as media literacy and the development of digital skills of seniors. During her work in the international project LoGaSET, she researched the most suitable way of educating seniors in the field of smartphones and mobile applications. In addition, she deals with the changes and influence of traditional and digital journalism.

She has published a textbook Web Journalism that deals with this topic in detail. It mainly monitors current trends, whether in terms of journalism, interaction, ethics and the way modern journalists work. It also marginally addresses the issue of dissemination of misinformation.

She is also responsible for student magazine Attelier (online and print version), which is a trainer for students in the field of online journalism. In the past, she herself worked for this magazine, up to the post of editor-in-chief.

She collaborates on the organization of the Science and Technology Week at FMK UCM. She also takes part in organizing the UniCon game festival as a manager for production and PR. She regularly organizes workshops for elementary school students in order to improve the level of school magazines.

She completed an internship at Hospodárské noviny and worked for more than a year in the newsroom of the daily Nový Čas as a regional editor. In addition, she has experience in managing social networks and production practice in the field of organizing events. Since May 2019, she has been writing for the community magazine Nádvorie Magazín.

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