Curriculum Vitae

Sabína Gáliková Tolnaiová


Dr. Sabína Gáliková Tolnaiová works as an assistant professor at Faculty of Mass Media Communication University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She graduated in philosophy and pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts, UK in Bratislava and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Arts, TU in Trnava in the field of systematic philosophy. She defended her rigorous work in the field of ethics at the Faculty of Arts, UK in Nitra.

In her scientific and pedagogical activities in the field of media and communication, she focuses on digital media, the Internet, Internet communication and cyberspace in terms of philosophy, ethics and axiology. She is interested in epistemological, ontological, anthropological, ethical-axiological issues of this issue and their socio-cultural context.

In connection with the media and ICT, she also deals with educational issues. In the field of philosophy of education, she (o. i.) currently focuses on the issue of digital, media and information competencies, their relationship and educational development. In this context, she also applies an interdisciplinary overlap into the field of pedagogy.

She is the author and co-author of several domestic and foreign scientific monographs, studies and articles, and the co-researcher of successful scientific projects. She collaborates with scientific journals as a member of the editorial board and a reviewer (Communication Today, Acta Ludologica, European Journal of Transformation Studies). She is also a member of professional and scientific societies.

For many years she worked in the Committee of the Slovak Philosophical Association at the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

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